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The PAX 5 instead of 2 warranty  

We give you a full 5-year warranty on all PAX products with a serial number! All  

we need from you is your contact information and the serial number of your PAX  

product. The information you provide will be stored by us for internal purposes  

and, in the event of a claim, will be compared with the current data.


PAX Serial Number  

The serial number required for the online registration of your  

PAX products can be found on a metal button in the following places:  

  • on the webbing of the PAX handle (e.g. on the backpacks) 
  • on the webbing of the carrying handle (e.g. on the pockets) 
  • on a metal button in the corpus on the right on the rear long side  

(e.g. in the ampoule holders) 

  • inside the front pockets (e.g. on the bags)


Online registration  

PAX 5 instead of 2 warranty  

Register your PAX products quickly and easily online. This way you always have  a good overview of your products in your customer account. This makes it easier  to identify the product variant in the event of repair and makes it easier to identify your PAX product in the event of loss or theft. As a bonus for the environment,  you also save paper.


Register here 


or email info@paxbags-us.com.