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Comfortable to shoulder, clearly organized and a real space saver: these are the rescue backpacks by PAX. Our emergency rucksacks can be individually arranged and always give you quick access to your material. Padded shoulder straps and carry handles ensure comfortable transportation from your emergency backpack.

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PAX Roller Daypack
  • $119.95
"The Koup" - Wasserkuppe L ST FT2
  • $537.60
PAX Inner Bags Set 2
  • $65.95
PAX Inner Bags Set 1
  • $48.95
PAX SAR Bag (Patrouilleur) S
  • $333.60
PAX Flight Medic M Rip Stop/Tec PU - PAX Red
  • $395.00
PAX Flight Medic L SP Rip Stop/Tec PU - PAX Red
  • $425.00
PAX Rescue Bag GP
  • $489.60

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PAX Wasserkuppe L
  • $400.10