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Agent Smith

Looking for something for someone special? Or looking for a great day pack for yourself? Take a look at the Agent Smith. A cool look with great features!




I received the Daypack and the mask today. Thank You very much for the excellent customer service and care. I will definitely order from your company in the future. 

ND- Tennessee


It withstands and withstands and withstands and withstands and withstands!


Winner Good Design Award Chicago Athenaeum


With our latest designs and newest material our bags are the lighest they have ever been.

PAX- Its All About Performance

PAX Quality

Sometimes, when our highly-skilled tailors of the PAX-manufacture are sewing a new prototype and if they have to sew an inseam in a product that already has three closed sides, they ask with played despair:"Why no dresses? Or at least trousers?" Of course they are only kidding. They know the hooks of the bag production and are specialized in it. All of us gained a lot in experience from lab work and daily routine and this is something you can find in our products:


The material was a science for itself. Meanwhile we are using high-tech-textures. They are extremely safe, resilient and are produced in a max. eudermically and environmentally friendly way at the same time.


Our reflection materials are printed and thermally stuck together with the material. The perfecting of this process for our materials has been conducted together with 3M over a long period of time. Less seams means less weight. We weld surfaces together. We invested a lot into machinery for this high frequency procedure. We hereby save weight and cleaning is much easier due to the smooth surface. Likewise, our inside pockets are welded for easier cleaning.


In order to correspond to all requirements we have already developed a wide range of 200 products. One for everybody instead of one for all.

High Visibility

The bright grey lining out of PAX-Plan facilitates cleaning and disinfection – and is clearly arranged in addition.

 Modular Design

Also here we thought ahead: By means of the PAX-organisation system and the modular design many products can be combined with each other. 


We have also strived for the best quality.  We have achieved the good price-performance ratio due to the fact that we do without redundant bureaucracy. We are functional, reliable and smooth – just like our products.


Today we at PAX still have the opinion that it is worth to have a our items mended by a high-quality repair. For this purpose we have a repair department that almost makes a new piece of the good treasure.